The Alamo Premium Doors were exclusively developed to sophisticated people, with good taste. Using the best practices of sustainability in manufacturing conception, were designed to reach the decoration requirements, mobility ans safety keeping the perfect shape, color and project harmony.
Manufactured of RED GRANDIS F.A.S. Grade wood, FSC certified, the raw material is renewable and sustainable, the Alamo Premium may be supplyed on options: door leaf, doors leaf with accessories disasembled (frames and architraves) or Pre Hung set.


Door leaves are available in three constructions models: solid engineered, semisolid or solid. The accessories (frames and architraves) may be included to the Project as list below:

The wood accessories set to Alamo Premium doors get the same veneering of door leaves and are manufactured using high technoly equipements of numeric control (CNC), coordinated from CAD/CAM system, reproducing perfect match ans assembling, making the installing process easyer.
Products available also with exclusive PU Stain finishing.





The glass, with 8mm of thickness, are tempered according to DIN (International rule of safety), are installed into the doors.


Available on range: colorless flush, colorless bevelled, frosted, mirrored, white and mirrored bronze.



To your safe and tranquility, the Alamo Premium Doors have 05 years of warranty provided that the warehousing and installing conditions are followed.
Our products are FSC® certified. The FSC® certification is volunteer and shows the environmental concern of Manoel Marchetti.