Manoel Marchetti Indústria e Comércio Ltda which was founded in 1956 develops forest-based products using environmentally friendly, renewable and certified raw material and participates actively in the sustainable development of Santa Catarina and Brazil. We also operate an integrated system covering the full timber cycle: reforestation, harvest, industrialization, commercialization and the transport of its products. Our industrial park comprises five units: Two in Ibirama (SC), one in Lages (SC), one in Juruena (MT) and one in Sorocaba (SP).


We have a total built up covered area of 55,000 m2 with a capacity of processing more than 10,000 m3 of timber per month. Besides our full industrial potential, we seek the constant alignment with the best management practices focused on sustainability.That is why we cultivate and maintain forest reserves of 2.5 million cubic meters and 5.7 million trees, planted in our own reforestation area, which guarantees a source of supply for the next 20 years.


Today, approximately 700 employees, who operate in the form of a participative management, making our human resources team. Our philosophy is the aggregation and elevation of the quality of our products, having services and customer satisfaction as our focal points. We seek continual improvement, with the qualification and training of our employees, which is strongly supported by Sistemas de Gestão de Qualidade (SGQ) e ambiental (SGA) [Quality and Environmental Management Systems], as well as Programas Participativos (CCQ,5S’s) [Participative Programs].


Escritório Central
Ibirama, SC



Unidade I

Ibirama, SC



Unidade II

Ibirama, SC



Unidade V

Sorocaba, SP